France says to decide on Syria strikes in coming days

Saja Kamal

Saja Kamal

At a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, a French reporter asked Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman if he will be bringing his spouse along with him if he visits France again in the future.

The French companies have always been among the main suppliers of modern weaponry to Saudi Arabia and Paris has already reached military deals worth around 20 billion with the Saudis.

The prince confirmed at a news conference that the Saudi military could be involved in this operation.

"We will not tolerate ballistic missiles activities that threaten Saudi Arabia", Macron said. "This includes a number of mega world-scale projects where French businesses can play a major role in providing the strategic mix of technical capabilities and innovation which would create the desired synergy which will be beneficial to the company but also to the Kingdom".

"The team is preparing to deploy to Syria shortly", it added, saying the OPCW's director general Ahmet Uzumcu wants the team "to establish facts surrounding these allegations."The White House on Tuesday abruptly announced the cancellation of US President Donald Trump's first trip to Latin America, scheduled for later this week, saying he wants to "oversee the American response to Syria".

Stressing the need for "respect for worldwide humanitarian law", Mr Macron said "we will continue to be extremely vigilant on this point".

The criminal lawsuit claims that Bin Salman knowingly targeted civilians. "No comment", read the caption.

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It appeared created to send a message of reconciliation after Hariri was allegedly pressured to resign by the Saudi royal during a trip to Riyadh last November, causing a crisis which Macron helped defuse.

Macron invited Hariri to Paris for talks and he later rescinded his resignation, a development that analysts say exposed the limits of the prince's authority.

"This period of ambiguity and confusion is now behind us thanks to the efforts from all sides and the personal implication of President Macron", Moueen Merhebi, an MP in Hariri's party, told AFP in Beirut on Tuesday.

The pair met for almost three hours Sunday at the Louvre museum, where they visited an exhibition by 19th century painter Eugene Delacroix, creator of the famous "Liberty Leading The People" painting.

The canvas features a bare-breasted woman holding the French tricolore, an image that would be banned in Saudi Arabia for its nudity and its subversive political message.

The conservative kingdom will be represented at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time next month.

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