Committee Report Reveals Graphic Allegations Against Missouri Governor

Report Details Sex Claims Against Missouri Governor

Woman Tells Lawmakers She Had Unwanted Sexual Encounter With Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

Claire McCaskill, whom Hawley is challenging - are calling on Greitens to immediately resign.

Wednesday at 5 p.m. Jefferson City and the state of Missouri got their first look at the Missouri House Committee's report on the actions of Governor Eric Greitens in an extramarital affair he had with a woman in 2015, before he was elected Governor. "I am disgusted, disheartened, and I believe Governor Greitens is unfit to lead our state", Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner (R) said in a statement.

But Greitens is vowing to remain in office and prove his innocence against mounting allegations that he denounced as "lies and falsehoods".

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens appears in a police booking photo in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., February 22, 2018. The panel will make recommendations about whether to pursue impeachment.

The legislative report was signed by all five Republicans and two Democrats on the committee. Greitens chose not to testify and didn't produce documents or sworn answers to the committee's written questions.

Farther into the committee report, the woman described an encounter with Greitens in which he seemed to acknowledge he took a photo but said he destroyed it: (Woman) "You took a picture.' He said, '..., it's just because I fantasized about you, I fantasized about all these things, and you could ruin my life".

"For the good of the state, Eric Greitens must immediately resign". In the hours before the report's scheduled release, he delivered a defiant speech in which he called the investigation into him a "political witch hunt", echoing the phrase used regularly by President Donald Trump. "This is exactly like what's happening with the witch hunts in Washington, D.C". They said that occurred only after a House investigatory committee had released separate testimony from the woman saying that Greitens had initiated an aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter in 2015. If a majority of House members vote for impeachment, the Senate would select seven judges to conduct a trial.

The criminal case against him is more narrowly defined.

"The testimony outlined in the report is beyond disturbing", he said at a news conference, adding that leadership intends to call a special session in order to weigh whether Greitens should be impeached.

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Greitens' attorneys say prosecutors shared the video with them Wednesday night - only after the release of the Legislature's report - and that the woman's testimony in the video backs up Greitens' claim of a consensual encounter. After taking her keys, searching her purse, and patting her down, he said he wanted to show her a workout and invited her to change into an outfit he'd put out for her - men's pajama trousers and a t-shirt with a slit cut at the top. "In fact, I don't think he should be here".

"Witness 1 further testified that Greitens pulled his trousers down and "pulled his penis out ... max, six inches or something" from her face while she was still crying and felt that she had no other choice if she were going to get out of the basement", the report states. The woman testified that she then heard a click, like of a cellphone picture, and saw a flash. She said Greitens warned her not to mention his name "to anybody at all, because if you do, I'm going to take these pictures, and I'm going to put them everywhere I can. They are going to be everywhere, and then everyone will know what a little whore you are, '" the report states.

"So this guy literally just wants me for this, and this is all he wants, and then he'll let me - because at this point, too, I also know I have to be at work, and he's not going to let me leave", she said, describing her thoughts to the committee.

After Grietens helped her down, she said she told him "I'm leaving" and headed for the stairs. Louis, said she felt sorry for Greitens' wife, Sheena Greitens, and their children.

"So he was laying there and I was laying next to him just crying - like uncontrollably crying", she said.

"Witness 1 testified that she did not consent to Greitens' tearing of the shirt, exposing her".

The woman said she stayed silent, thinking that this was the "most embarrassing thing" that had ever happened to her, before finally saying she wouldn't tell anyone. She said she gave him oral sex because she felt that was the only way he would let her out of the basement. "It was really hard for me to get through it".

"I was like, 'Get me out of here".

The report notes that the committee does not possess any physical or electronic evidence of a photograph or its transmission. Prosecutors in his criminal case previously acknowledged that they don't have the photo, though they could be trying to obtain it.

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