Russia Researched Use of Poisoned Door Handles, UK Says

       Skripal cousin 'I've heard nothing'

Video Skripal cousin 'I've heard nothing'

If somebody was spying, why were the British services not complaining about that, he said.

On Wednesday, during the UN Security Council meeting, Russia's UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya noted that Skripal, who had been convicted of spying, served his sentence and was pardoned.

He said cyber specialists from the GRU - Russian military intelligence - targeted Yulia's email accounts as far back as 2013.

Russian intelligence has been spying on the Skripals for at least five years, national security adviser Mark Sedwill has said.

Mark Sedwill made the assertion in a letter made public on Friday, addressed to Jens Stoltenberg, NATO's secretary-general, explaining Britain's conclusion that the Russian government is to blame for the military-grade nerve agent used against the Skripals.

The codeword for the offensive chemical weapons programme (of which Novichoks were one part) was FOLIANT.

The embassy reiterated Russian Federation was not involved in the attack against the Skripals and accused the United Kingdom of using the "same script" it did for the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning case.

"Only Russia has the technical means, operational experience and the motive", he writes.

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Richard Guthrie, an independent chemical-weapons expert, says an important detail in the investigation is that the toxic substance is of "high purity".

Sir Mark also identified the key institute for developing Novichok in the former Soviet Union as a branch of the State Institute for Organic Chemistry and Technology at Shikany near Volgograd. "Within the last decade, Russian Federation has produced and stockpiled small quantities of Novichoks under the same program".

The accusation came from Alexander Yakovenko, as he was updating the media on the developments in the Salisbury poisoning case.

"The British Government still hasn't produced any evidence in support of its position that would confirm their official version", he told a news conference at the Russian embassy in London. "We didn't see any signs, any applications from the British side that they are not happy with the way Skripals were living in Salisbury".

Yakovenko also said a refusal to their demands to provide consular assistance to Yulia Skripal - a Russian citizen - was a breach of the Vienna Convention.

On Wednesday she said she did not now wish to take up an offer of consular assistance from the Russian embassy, according to a note released by London's Metropolitan Police.

Putin's man in London also mentioned Syria, reiterating claims the latest chemical attack on civilians in Douma was staged by rebel groups to draw the West into the war.

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