Trump Worlds Collide as Cohen Meets Stormy Daniels in New York Court

Democrat calls on Fox News to fire Sean Hannity: 'His word can never again be trusted'

The unbelievable story of Michael Cohen and Sean Hannity

Cohen and his attorneys appeared in federal court Monday in NY to challenge the FBI on the materials seized in the raid.

Under pressure from the judge, Cohen's legal team eventually revealed that Hannity was the third client - drawing gasps and some chuckles in the courtroom. The government argued that since Cohen doesn't have "a lot" of clients there should be no privilege.

But on Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Kimmel again seized the opportunity to mock Hannity for his connection to Cohen.

It's not yet clear what services Cohen said he allegedly provided Hannity.

Among those expected to attend a hearing at the federal district court in Manhattan is Stormy Daniels, the adult-film star who claims she had sex with Trump in 2006 and took a $130,000 hush payment shortly before the 2016 election.

Last week, Hannity criticized the raids on Cohen's office and residences as "an unprecedented abuse of power", never mentioning his relationship with the Trump lawyer. Lawyers for Michael Cohen argued in court on Monday that they could not identify Hannity because he asked that his name not be disclosed in connection with an Federal Bureau of Investigation seizure of Cohen's files. I did have occasional, brief conversations with Michael Cohen, this great attorney, about legal questions I had.

Last week's raids came after a "months-long" investigation of possible crimes related largely to Cohen's business dealings, rather than his work as a lawyer, prosecutors have said.

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On "The Daily Show", host Trevor Noah said that knowing Hannity has direct ties to Cohen makes it "fun to look back" at past clips from Hannity's show. He didn't have to say, "I've asked legal questions of him", but Hannity could have said he was friends with Cohen to cover pretty much all the bases.

Because, whether I am a journalist or just someone who talks on TV -in Hannity's case, to millions of people every night - I would want to disclose to everyone watching that I have something of a vested interest in making sure you know I like Potbelly sandwiches.

Hannity denied on Twitter that Cohen has represented him, and Kimmel picked apart Hannity's tweet in his monologue.

In the course of arguments in court yesterday, it was revealed that one of Cohen's clients is Sean Hannity. "They're assuming - because I guess he did some type of work for some Republican guy - they're figuring, 'Oh, he must've done a big settlement case for Hannity.' That's not - no, that's not what happened".

Hannity also said that he "might have handed him 10 bucks".

"In response to some wild speculation", he continued, "let me make clear that I did not ask Michael Cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf, I have no personal interest in this proceeding, and, in fact, asked that my de minimis discussions with Michael Cohen, which dealt nearly exclusively about real estate, not be made a part of this proceeding". Here's the truth. Michael Cohen never represented me in any legal manner.

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