Iranian general threatens all Israel air bases 'within reach'

Israel warns of air attack by Iran's Revolutionary Guard in response to Syria strike

Israeli army reveals images allegedly showing Iran's involvement in Syria

Iran's military head said Saturday that forces are preparing to "annihilate" Israel's Zionist regime within 25 years after recent threats between the foes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday warned Iran that Israeli would "exact a heavy price" from whoever sought to harm its people.

"I also heard his moderate remarks, and there is a huge gap between his words and the actions of the Revolutionary Guards, who are advancing an army against Israel with the stated aim of destroying Israel", Netanyahu said.

The threat from Commander of Iran's Army Maj.

He said that "these aggressive measures do not prevent our efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism in the region, and in particular in Syria", adding: "The process of achieving peace in Syria has become more hard after this USA action, but consultations and tripartite ties between Iran, Russia and Turkey must continue, and we must attempt to develop peace and stability and to establish a dialogue in this country".

Iranian Revolutionary Guards deputy chief Hossein Salami warned Israel on Friday that Iran's missiles are capable of reaching Israel if necessary. He called for those who are on the Northern borders to think carefully about what they are doing, indicating Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

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The mission targeted an advanced Iranian air-defense system, and not only a drone launch site; and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu notified U.S. President Donald Trump several days prior to ordering the planes into the air, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday. Iranian officials have promised unspecified reprisals.

Zarif's comments come after senior Iranian officials threatened Israel with annihilation over the weekend.

For decades, Israel-Iran relations have been characterized by deep animosity.

An Israeli official confirmed to The New York Times earlier this week that it was the IAF that struck the T4 air base in Homs last week. "We can target our enemies' vital interests wherever we want".

Worldwide media later reported that at least 14 people - including a number of Iranian military personnel - had lost their lives in the raid.

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