Spotify makes improvements to its ad-supported experience

Spotify beefs up its free tier as Apple Music gains traction		
	Jordan Crook

   	7 hours

Spotify beefs up its free tier as Apple Music gains traction Jordan Crook @ 7 hours

Free users are going to be asked to choose their favorite artists when they first open the app, letting Spotify get in tune with their tastes and better personalize the curated playlists, which is said to include 750 songs or approximately 40 hours of listening time. Users will be able to play any song they want from any of those playlists and as many times as they want without having to shuffle. This will be available to both free and paid-for members, however, people who pay for Spotify can already save data by downloading songs to listen to offline, so the new mode is likely aimed more towards free users. It will also impact the battery less. Spotify also shared its latest subscriber numbers: 71 million paid customers and 90 million free users.

"The free experience on Spotify is becoming a lot more like Spotify Premium", said Babar Zafar, vice president of product development, during Tuesday's Spotify presentation in NY.

Some 90 million people now use the free tier worldwide, while 71 million pay for its subscription service. Fans now have 15 playlists they can play on-demand, in any order, and skip as much as they'd like. These will include home, search, your library, and a dedicated premium button that gives Spotify users a more direct route to begin signing up for the plan.

Taken together, the features included in the update will ease up on the restrictions Spotify has imposed thus far in its free tier. You can download Spotify Music from the App Store for free.

The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers. Even after replacing Pandora from its departure in the local market, you still may be searching for a service that delivers music for free.

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The announcement was made during a recent event in NY, where Spotify provided several interesting details about its service. The new experience will be rolling out to iOS and Android globally in the coming weeks.

However if you insist on continuing to use Spotify's free tier, then you'll be pleased to learn that the rumors were true as Spotify's new free tier has been launched.

The mobile Spotify free version is less generous, however. The company promises that can reduce the amount of mobile data used by up to 75-percent.

Spotify now has a data saver mode.

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