Macron Trying to Forge New Path for Dialogue, Diplomacy

Merci I guess

Merci I guess

He said that since becoming defense secretary in January 2017, he also has read what he called a classified protocol in the agreement.

"I will say it is written nearly with an assumption that Iran would try to cheat,"Mattis told the Senate panel". "So the verification, what is in there, is actually pretty robust as far as our intrusive ability to get in" with representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency to check on compliance. "But I don't think it changed anybody's mind about anything, and it's certainly not going to change policy".

Sources familiar with Trump's conversations with Macron suggest that a separate agreement is under discussion that has the force of a treaty that will exist alongside the original nuclear deal. The committee's senior Democrat, Sen.

Macron, who said he respects Mr. Trump's decision, said he believes Trump wants to use tension to create his own deal.

"We have to make him ideal", Trump said.

Trump and Macron have developed a strong relationship at a time when many European leaders have kept a certain distance from Trump.

Mattis reiterated his view that the deal is "imperfect" and said "there are obviously aspects of the agreement that can be improved upon".

Macron said the agreement should impose tougher terms on Iran including a settlement in Syria, where it backs President Bashar al Assad.

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Macron, whose visit will be followed by one on Friday from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has called on Trump to keep troops in Syria for the time being to ensure the defeat of Islamic State militants.

With their president in an apparent state of flux, USA officials gave mixed messages on the U.S. position on the JCPOA on Wednesday.

"For me it's progress, it avoids falling into the complete unknown if the United States decision is a hard exit", said Macron, who confirmed that the proposal was a strategy coordinated with European partners and not a unilateral one.

Dr. Harlan Ullman: That's a very good question, I think that because Mr. Trump is so impulsive and unpredictable it's hard to know what his strategy is, and in fact I think that one of the problems the United States has right now, quite frankly, is strategy towards that part of the world is very uncertain.

Iran's president on Wednesday ruled out any changes or additions to the accord. Tehran has a variety of options in store that will make the United States "regret" leaving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to Zarif.

On North Korea, Mr Trump said he hopes the planned summit with Kim Jong-un, whom he described as "very honourable", will happen "very soon".

"The consensus in Europe and among the P5+1 is that the agreement is not renegotiable and other issues are irrelevant to it", he said, adding Tehran's interests in the agreement "must be persevered".

Macron acknowledged the differences between French and US policy on climate change, but he said local communities and businesses in both countries could work together to create new jobs and opportunities while safeguarding the Earth. He also suggested that the United States is interested in the Middle East's resources, rather than the well-being of the people who live there.

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