Trump says London hospital is like 'a war zone' from knife attacks

At the NRA Convention, Donald Trump Talks About Knives in London and Support from Kanye West

In Dallas, NRA supporters and critics converge as national gun debate boils

When discussing guns, Trump blasted tough gun laws, before making a false equivalency between gun reform and driving cars.

President Donald Trump delivered a strong support for the National Rifle Association at its annual meeting on Friday, as gun-rights advocates regroup in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school. He drew a standing ovation as he held the paper in his hand and said, "We have the best unemployment numbers we've ever had and all we hear is this phony Russian Federation witch hunt". Khan's office said the mayor had "more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump's ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks".

Trump's attendance at this year's NRA convention was announced just days ago and came after Vice President Mike Pence already was scheduled to appear.

Public demands for stricter gun control measures soared after 17 people were shot dead in Parkland, with students mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people in Washington March 24 for a mass display of outrage. "But they will never, ever be under siege as long as I'm your president".

History was made in Dallas as the 147th annual NRA convention held in Dallas was the first to play host to both the president and vice president.

During a televised gun meeting with lawmakers in late February, Trump wagged his finger at a Republican senator and scolded him for being "afraid of the NRA", declaring that he would stand up to the group and finally get results in quelling gun violence.

But he also suggested support for policies the NRA opposes, including raising the minimum age to 21 for some gun purchases and expanding background checks beyond the parameters endorsed by the NRA.

It is the second year running that Trump has addressed the gun-toting, hat-waving jamboree, but the first time since the school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

President Donald Trump takes the stage to speak Friday at the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas, where he told the audience that Second. After a closed-door meeting with the group's leaders, Trump backed off and the Republican-controlled Congress hasn't approved new gun control bills.

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Tonya Duerr, who traveled to the convention with her family from Knoxville, Tennessee, was "concerned, but hopeful" about Trump's rhetoric following the shooting.

"Manafort was there for a short while but he's a good person, I really believe he's a good person", Trump said.

Since then, he and his aides have been strident in their support of the NRA and the Second Amendment.

Political advisors, he said, had told him not to go, to which he responded "bye, bye, got to get on a plane", prompting extended cheers.

More than 70,000 NRA members are expected to attend.

The NRA's relationship with the president was further complicated after a McClatchy report in January that us authorities are investigating whether the group funneled Russian money into the 2016 presidential election.

The article quoted a BBC Radio 4 interview with Martin Griffiths, a lead trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, where it said a record 702 stabbing victims were treated in 2017.

But Trump later expressed support for only modest changes to the background check system and proposed arming teachers.

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