Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

Saudis will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does: minister

Iran has, according to Politifact, largely complied with the 2015 deal.

The administration hopes to submit a final agreement with Saudi Arabia for congressional approval by mid-June.

The United States, South Korea, Russia, France and China are bidding on a multi-billion dollar tender to build Saudi Arabia's first two nuclear reactors. Ministers meet in June to review the policy.

In remarks an hour before Trump's declaration, senior Kuwaiti diplomat Khaled al-Jarallah said his country stood by the JCPOA as the best option for "stability" in the region.

"Following the US decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting the stability of oil markets for the benefit of producers and consumers and the sustainability of the global economic growth", the official said.

The government approved a national policy for its atomic energy programme on Tuesday, including limiting all nuclear activities to peaceful purposes, within the limits defined by global treaties.

Even before the United States chose to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, OPEC's output agreement was in danger of being overtaken by events. But in order not to lag too far behind Iran's capabilities, they would likely tie their pledge to Iran's enrichment activities.

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen stressed the importance that the U.S. decision would lead to addressing the danger being posed by Iran's policies to destabilize the security and stability of Islamic countries. "Last week, Israel published intelligence documents, long concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranian regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons", Donald Trump said in White House remarks on May 8.

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The existence of an understanding was confirmed by the U.S. Treasury Secretary who told reporters on Tuesday that "we have had conversations with various parties. that would be willing to increase oil supply". Under such a situation, Iran may decide that its main reason for joining the deal, namely economic recovery through foreign investments, can not be achieved, and withdraw from the deal.

Oil prices had been supported by expectations that Trump would pull out of the deal, which could hit Iranian crude exports and feed geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, home to one-third of the world's daily oil supply.

Riyadh stressed that it backs Trump's future actions on Iran, reiterating its accusations against Tehran of destabilizing the region and supporting terroris.

The Saudi foreign ministry accused Iran of using economic gains from the lifting of sanctions to develop ballistic missiles and support militants. Analysts feel that the move could affect Europ-ean companies more than the American companies. But there is little practical reason that Saudi Arabia can not postpone its bid decision and plenty of political and diplomatic reasons for it do so.

US politicians will want to avoid being blamed for a further escalation in the run up to congressional elections in November.

Three countries led by Saudi Arabia immediately backed Trump while Qatar reacted cautiously.

For all these reasons, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members will come under intense pressure to raise their output to make up for any loss of Iranian barrels.

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