China's 1st domestically built aircraft carrier starts sea trials

China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier anchored at a port in Dalian Liaoning province on May 9 ahead of sea trials

China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier anchored at a port in Dalian Liaoning province on May 9 ahead of sea trials

China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier began sea trials Sunday in a sign of the growing sophistication of the country's domestic arms industry.

The yet-to-be-christened Type 001A carrier left a shipyard at the northeastern port of Dalian at 6.45am, Xinhua said, and sailed out of the port half an hour later.

The trials are believed to be for testing the engine and radar systems as well as other equipment on the conventionally powered vessel, launched in April previous year in a shipyard in Dalian.

As of now the vessel remains a ship with no name and is presently referred to as Type 001A.

It is China's second aircraft carrier following the purchase of the Soviet-built Liaoning from Ukraine in 1998.

China launched the new aircraft after it commissioned the first carrier the Liaoning, a refitted Soviet Union-made vessel in 2012.

"Aircraft carriers are for power projection and for domination, and this is just the first of several more indigenous carriers".

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Embarrassingly, for the United Kingdom, their new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, sprung a leak during its sea trials in 2017, and required repairs.

Construction on the Type 001A, the largest and most sophisticated naval vessel in China, began in November 2013 and work in the dry dock started in March 2015.

A third aircraft carrier is being built in Shanghai, according to state media, although the Defense Ministry has yet to confirm this.

It has finished the outfitting process, where engineers installed and fine-tuned all of the ship's interior equipment and weapons, the report said.

The new aircraft carrier weighs 50,000 tonnes and analysis of recent satellite images suggest that modifications have been made for the ship to transport an additional eight aircraft.

Video footage aired by CCTV revealed the enforcing ship accompanied by a number of smaller sized military craft leaving a wharf and going out to sea under grey skies.

China a year ago established its first overseas military base in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, and its navy has recently deployed its ships further into the Pacific and Indian oceans.

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