How many fake accounts did Facebook quash so far this year?

Facebook struggles to get machines to stamp out hate speech

Facebook reveals how much content it has removed from its platform since October

The report is the company's first publication of its enforcement numbers against violations of its community standards.

But that's not to say the relatively low number is due to an defect from Facebook. The report shows just how much of that content was seen by Facebook users, how much was removed, and provides evidence that 583 million fake Facebook accounts were deleted. Current estimates by the firm suggest 3-4% of active Facebook accounts on the site between October 2017 and March were fake. During Q1, the social network flagged 96 percent of all nudity before users reported it.

Facebook took down or applied warning labels to 3.4 million pieces of violent content in the three months to March - a 183 percent increase from the final quarter of 2017.

Guy Rosen, VP of product management, said the social media giant blocks millions of daily attempts to create fake accounts from being registered. The company has come under fire for failing to remove content that has incited ethnic violence in Myanmar, leading Facebook to hire more Burmese speakers. But users are still reporting the majority of hate-speech posts, or about 62 percent of them, before Facebook takes them down. For every 10,000 views of content on Facebook, the company said, roughly 8 of them were removed for featuring sex or nudity in the first quarter, up from 7 views at the end of past year.

While artificial intelligence is able to sort through nearly all spam and content glorifying al-Qaeda and ISIS and most violent and sexually explicit content, it is not yet able to do the same for attacks on people based on personal attributes like race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual and gender identity, the company said in its first ever Community Standards Enforcement Report.

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"For example, artificial intelligence isn't good enough yet to determine whether someone is pushing hate or describing something that happened to them so they can raise awareness of the issue". Facebook believes its policing system is better at scrubbing graphic violence, gratuitous nudity and terrorist propaganda from its social network than it is at removing racist, sexist and other hateful remarks. "We tend to find and flag less of it, and rely more on user reports, than with some other violation types". Facebook is expected to host summits in India, Singapore, and the U.S.

"In addition, in many areas - whether it's spam, porn or fake accounts - we're up against sophisticated adversaries who continually change tactics to circumvent our controls, which means we must continuously build and adapt our efforts".

"Today's report gives you a detailed description of our internal processes and data methodology".

The committee has also urged Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to appear before them, adding that it would be open to taking evidence from the billionaire company founder via video link if he would not attend in person.

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