Racist lawyer ripped by colleagues a day after meltdown

Jerk Videotaped Threatening To Call ICE On Two Women Speaking Spanish TO EACH OTHER — Obviously He's A

New York man threatens Spanish-speaking workers in viral video

His reason? Two customers had the audacity to speak Spanish to an employee who also spoke Spanish, ruining this patriot's ability to enjoy the eatery's menu options, such as pho, tacos, and quesadillas, in a city where more than 200 languages are spoken.

The video of a white man yelling about customers and a worker speaking Spanish at a Fresh Kitchen lit up the internet Wednesday, turning the attorney into a figure for national scorn.

And this is not the first time Schlossberg has engaged in such behavior.

"Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English", he can be heard to say.

"Mr. Schlossberg could be disciplined for this conduct but it will not lead to disbarment", Stephen Gillers, a professor of legal ethics at New York University, told Forward.com, an American Jewish news outlet.

There have already been some consequences besides online reviews, though: The midtown building where the attorney's office was located evicted him on Thursday. I pay for their welfare. The irate individual in the footage has since been identified as NY lawyer Aaron Schlossberg.

"I'm a citizen here and you're not", the man says to Morris before using several expletives and calling him a "foreigner".

The GoFundMe was inspired by the viral video of Schlossberg accosting restaurant workers for not speaking English in midtown Manhattan.

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He then told a person who appeared to be a store manager that his "next call will be to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]" because he "bets" the employees are "undocumented".

Reporters from the New York Post and others have been trying to get more comments from Schlossberg, but he has thus far refused.

Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) announced that he and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer based in New York City, is feeling the wrath of the general public after a video of him engaging in a racist tirade went viral on Wednesday.

In the video, which has more than five million views over the past 72 hours, Aaron Schlossberg threatens to call immigration officials on the Spanish-speaking workers, saying he guesses they are not documented. The fallout was epic as Schlossberg was roundly scorned on social media and Yelp reviews of his law firm plummeted to ones.

On Thursday it was reported that Schlossberg was kicked out of the law office he was renting.

Videos have also surfaced of him making other racially charged and insensitive remarks in the past.

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