Yanny or Laurel? For Trump the question is not so simple

Brainstorm or Green Needle

Brainstorm or Green Needle

"It's laurel, but I could deflect and divert to yanny if you need me too", Conway said.

Personally, we can hear nothing but "green needle", but do let us know whether you're Team Brain or Teem Needle.

"Sarah it's been reported that you hear Laurel, how do you respond?" a person is heard asking Sanders.

A new video from the White House shows various administration officials giving their take on the audio clip that has divided the nation.

One of the first things to understand is a concept called priming.

"More: 'Laurel" or "yanny"? Which word or name do you hear, and how far do you have to move the slider to hear the other?

There are actual reasons why an individual might hear either word.

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How you listen to the recording will also affect what you hear.

My immediate assumption was that our station sound processing had affected how I was hearing the audio.

"When there is more energy towards the mid and higher frequencies, people tend to hear "Yanny". So hearing Yanny might mean you have younger ears. Some Twitter users found it amusing, while other scoffed at it.

"So clearly Laurel", an amused Ivanka Trump says while looking at the viral post that started it all.

So what is the final answer?

In the video, one can hear a male operator saying one word, "Yanny" or "Laurel".

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