YouTube tops teen social media, as Facebook fades

Image pew research

Image pew research

According to a recent study published by Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of U.S. teenagers between 13 to 17 years old use Facebook.

Instagram is slightly more popular than Snapchat overall, Pew said, with 72 per cent of respondents saying they use the photo-sharing app compared with Snapchat's 69 per cent.

The Pew survey found that some 95% of teens now say they have or have access to a smartphone. 45% of teens state they are online nearly constantly, compared to 24% back in 2014-15 edition of the research, though only a small proportion feel it is having a negative impact.

On the other hand, "Facebook never had it", remarked social media consultant Lon Safko."Teens never embraced Facebook from the beginning". When asked what impact the online world was having on their live, 31% believed it to be mostly positive, 45% were neutral, while only 24% said it was negative. Surely teens are no different than adults when it comes to a thirst for information or the desire to connect with their friends and family on social media. Instagram was the only other site at the time that a majority of teens (52 percent) reported using.

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Meanwhile, Twitter followed at 32%, and Tumblr's popularity (14%) remained the same since the 2015 survey.

Research firm eMarketer published early march, and noted that Snapchat attracted more young at a faster rate than Instagram. As per the research, only 51 percent of the American teens said that they use Facebook. YouTube and Reddit were not included as options in the 2014-2015 survey but were included in the current survey. One of the platforms that are missing from the most recent survey is Vine. Even so, it is clear the social media environment today revolves less around a single platform than it did three years ago.

25% of teens said they use Youtube the most often, with Facebook and Snapchat both at 23% with Facebook products Messenger and Instagram at 13% and 11% respectively. The new report shows that 36% of respondents from the group using Facebook come from higher-income households while teens from lower income households represent 70%. About 85% say they use it. And 83 percent of girls said they play some sort of video game (on a computer, phone, or console).

However, Facebook fell significantly from first place in a 2015 study.

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