Facebook Accused of Giving Users' Personal Data To Every Major Device Maker

Facebook's agreements with device makers are under scrutiny

Facebook's agreements with device makers are under

While Facebook's track record with user data and privacy has been spotty at best, the Cambridge Analytica scandal is likely the company's biggest problem in its entire history.

The Times said Facebook allowed companies access to the data of users' friends without their explicit consent, even after it had declared it would no longer share the information with outsiders. He said that in the early days of mobile internet-before Facebook had a standalone app-the company partnered up with device-makers to make Facebook-like features (such as messages and like buttons) available to their users. The Times report says device makers received users' own information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and relationship statuses, as well as data from their friends, sometimes without their explicit consent.

In April of this year, Facebook reportedly started to slow down its partnerships in wake of the privacy and data practice scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

It said information such as photos was only accessible on devices if users had chosen to share the data with those friends.

Facebook has also said that the kind of access to users' data that Cambridge Analytica exploited in 2014 was cut off in 2015, when Facebook shut down its API for giving friends' data to apps. Samsung and Amazon have declined to comment on the matter.

"I think there is a lack of transparency for users across many platforms" not just Facebook, the U.K.'s Information Commissioner, told the civil liberties committee of the European Union institution in Brussels on Monday evening. The New York Times said the vast amounts of information shared with Apple and other phone-makers included data on users' friends that had supposedly barred access.

Here's a short list of all the companies that might have gotten their hands on your very intimate Facebook data without your knowledge: Global Science Research, S.C.L. Group (Cambridge Analytica's parent company), AggregateIQ.

Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, one of the legislators who questioned Facebook Vice President for Global Public Policy Joel Kaplan in April, said the data partnership violated the privacy of users.

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The report says that the company hasn't only been sharing user data with their device makers but also their friends', as well.

Facebook already penned a blog post in response to the NYT article, but it is unclear how it will respond to this letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

These contracts and partnerships are entirely consistent with Facebook's FTC consent decree.

"Over and over Facebook has proven itself unworthy of user's trust".

Archibong said that the companies it partnered with had signed agreements that prevented people's Facebook information from being used for any goal other than to recreate Facebook-like experiences.

As an example of how device makers in the partnership with Facebook have special privileges involving members' data, a reporter for the New York Times logged into Facebook using the Hub app.

"The more unauthorized sharing that comes out, the more the FTC is going to be inclined to impose a significant civil penalty on Facebook", Vladeck declared.

"Given that these APIs enabled other companies to recreate the Facebook experience, we controlled them tightly from the get-go", it states.

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