Two decades later, Clinton gets tripped up in a #metoo rehash

President Clinton wouldn't say if he believed the results of the 2016 election which President Trump won were tampered with

President Clinton wouldn't say if he believed the results of the 2016 election which President Trump won were tampered with

And the American people, two-thirds of 'em, stayed with me. "That's all I have to say".

However, Clinton argued he wouldn't handle the situation any differently if it occurred today, even in light of the growing #MeToo movement which has put the spotlight on the sexual abuse of women at the hands of powerful men.

Former US president Bill Clinton says the #MeToo movement has not changed his opinion of how he handled his affair with former staffer Monica Lewinsky.

"I've never talked to her", he admitted. In September of 1998, the then-president did publicly apologize to Lewinsky and others hurt by his behavior, but he has never said he was sorry to Lewinsky personally.

"That's very different. The apology is public".

"While doing a series of cable news interview promoting his new book "The President is Missing" that he co-wrote with James Patterson Clinton was asked about the "#Me Too" movement.

The House Republicans' move against Mr Clinton in 1998 made him only the second U.S. president to have been impeached. The scandal led to his impeachment trial, which resulted in him being acquitted.

In March, Lewinsky penned an essay for Vanity Fairwhere she detailed the power imbalance that influenced her relationship with the president.

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But instead, it soon veered towards the Lewinsky scandal and the #MeToo movement - topics which caused the former president's temper to flare. After a highly-politicized and public debate over Clinton's misdeeds, he was impeached by the Republican Congress, but not removed from office.

When asked if he would have resigned over the affair, Clinton said he wouldn't.

Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, three of the women who have accused Clinton of sexual harassment, said in November that they felt newly vindicated.

Clinton's incoherent response is pretty much typical of the left's indefensible explanations for why the 42nd president got a pass then and is still getting one today.

"If he wants to go out and campaign in 2018 which he should, do you own up to the fact that Monica Lewinsky's life has been ruined?" he asked.

In a later tweet, she added, "Today, I wanted to tweet about my experience at Hay Literary Festival". When pressed by Melvin, Clinton played whataboutism by pointing to sexual misconduct allegations against President Trump. "Do you think President Johnson should have resigned? You actually owe EVERYONE an apology, especially her. #MeToo" she posted. "That's all I have to say".

"I think I did the right thing". Clinton also said that he paid dearly for the scandal, stating he faced millions in debt after he left the White House.

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