Canada rejects United States offer to end trilateral deal

Washington apple farmers brace for impact after Mexico imposes tariffs on U.S. imports

Trump wants separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico, says adviser Kudlow

Canada has also rejected "for now" a proposal floated by the White House for new separate United States trade deals with Canada and Mexico.

The tariffs are meant to negatively affect areas of the country that supported President Donald Trump in 2016.

President Donald Trump announced last week that steel and aluminium tariffs would apply to Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

The retaliatory measures include a 25% import tariff on steel products, 20% on pork products, 20% to 25% duties on cheeses and a 25% duty on bourbon.

Trudeau has denounced the "national security" justification for the new tariffs.

"There are disagreements. He's sticking to his guns".

Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow attended a meeting on Tuesday between Trump and Republican lawmakers, including Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn and Senataor Mike Crapo, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. "The lines are open, the negotiations are ongoing".

The tariffs will make those USA products more expensive for Mexican consumers. More importantly, steel exports to the US make up more than half of total Canadian production.

The U.S. trade deficit, however, fell to a seven-month low in April as exports rose to a record high, the U.S. Commerce Department reported on Wednesday.

Jim Heimerl, an OH pork producer and president of the U.S. National Pork Producers Council, said the 20% tariff on pork legs and shoulders eliminates his country's ability to compete in the Mexican market.

China: Tariffs by U.S. would wipe out trade progress
Ross is expected to seek a firmer commitment to buy more American farm goods, energy and other products and services. The deal was seen as a turning point after the tariffs appeared to push the U.S. and China close to a trade war .

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CNN has obtained details from a call between President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the recent tariff announcements, and apparently things got a tad bit heated.

"The impact on Canada and ultimately on workers in the USA won't be a laughing matter", one source told the network.

The problem with Trump's comments to Trudeau is that British troops burned down the White House during the War of 1812.

During the conversation, Trudeau questioned Trump about how he could justify the tariffs as a matter of "national security". When then-prime minister Stephen Harper in 2011 said USA approval of the Keystone XL pipeline - which then-president Barack Obama was refusing to do - was a "no-brainer", the White House considered the remark beyond the pale. The United States trade representative office told the Washington Post that the USA actually has a trade surplus with Canada.

The statement, the official added, would accept no language about Iran not respecting the terms of the nuclear accord or any condemnation of the agreement.

It's not only G7 allies that have been alarmed by Trump's money-centric view of USA alliances. As of May 31, they've all expired, and the USA government decided not to renew them.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she expects "difficult discussions" at the summit in Quebec. On Monday, the country also said it would start proceedings in the World Trade Organization against the USA tariffs, a move already being followed by Canada, China, India and a number of other countries.

Of course, Trump's history was a little off as the White House was set ablaze on August 24, 1814, and Canada didn't become a country until 1867.

The official, speaking to reporters after Macron met Trudeau for talks in Ottawa on Wednesday, said the six non-U.S. G7 nations were united on the main topics to be discussed.

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