India Vows to Stop Plastic Use by 2022

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

It may be noted here that, India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day to combat single use of plastic pollution.

New Zealand-based businesses that signed the NZ Plastic Packaging Declaration are Foodstuffs, Countdown, New Zealand Post and Frucor Suntory.

Environmentalists have warned that plastic wastes can persist in the environment for almost a thousand years before they fully disintegrate.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister released postage stamp on the theme beat the plastic pollution and publications.

"We have come so far with our recycling capabilities, so when it's not possible to reduce or reuse plastic we ask everyone to put their used plastic bottles and food packing into the relevant recycling bin where they can".

"We need action now".

"The plastic waste our modern consumer societies produce is having a calamitous impact on eco-systems all over the planet, and nowhere is this impact more pronounced than in our oceans".

"Speaking on the menace of using plastic, in her earlier tweet, she said: "#BeatPlasticPollution by switching to steel or glass bottles today!

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This year's theme, "Beat Plastic Pollution", calls on people to effect changes in their daily lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on the environment and human health.

In a message, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged all people to reject single-use plastic items, and warned that growing levels of plastic waste were becoming unmanageable, saying "every year, more than eight million tons end up in the oceans".

Narendra Modi, the Prime minister of India, the host of this year's World Environment Day, also had a tweet: "Together, let us ensure that our future generations live in a clean and green planet, in harmony with nature".

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's achievements in the field of environment, he said that the global community believes that India will achieve its pre-2020 or COP21 targets before time.

Among the programs organized on World Environment Day in the capital, Sadguru, UN Environment director and Brand Ambassador Dia Mirza launched a campaign in Central Park to stop the use of plastics.

Noting that the per capita plastic consumption in India was much lower than in many parts of the developed world, he said India's national mission on cleanliness and sanitation - Swachh Bharat Abhiyan -has a special focus on "plastic waste management".

He praised India for its growing focus on environmental protection but also noted that while traveling in the country he'd seen "some of the most handsome scenic places, but destroyed by plastic pollution".

In drought-prone Cyprus, the president said Tuesday that he wants his country to play a coordinating role in the efforts of nations in the Mediterranean and Middle East to deal with climate change.

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