Flight from Pyongyang lands in Singapore ahead of North Korean leader’s arrival

Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard X and Donald Trump impersonator Dennis Alan

Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard X and Donald Trump impersonator Dennis Alan Credit AFP

President Trump believes he will be able to predict the outcome of his upcoming summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un within one minute of meeting the leader, he told reporters on after departing the G7 summit on Saturday. "People don't know much about him".

Cho added Singapore wouldn't have a hard time providing a secure location for North Korea as the country is often named one of the safest in the world.

Is Libya the right model for North Korea denuclearization?

North Koreans understand that their government regularly lies to them and feeds them propaganda that contradicts their current situation, but few understand the true discrepancy between their country and the outside world, according to North Korean defector Kim Young-il.

Japan's government is anxious that Trump, with his "America First" focus, may accept a deal that eliminates the threat from North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike the USA mainland, without dealing sufficiently with medium-range missiles that could strike Tokyo. He also suggested South Korea, China and Japan would be prepared to help the North's economy.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has only said he's willing to discuss the idea, but hasn't made any firm promises to do so.

And he memorably took the South Korean president by the hand, when they met at the border of their two countries, physically leading him back over into North.

The Boeing 747-4J6 that traveled to North Korea is known to be a private jet used by the Chinese government to carry its high-level officials, including President Xi Jinping.

To do that, Kim needs to ease crushing sanctions and somehow encourage investment.

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It is also the only United States diplomatic installation in China authorised to process immigrant visas and handle adoptions. The State Department says it sent a medical team to Guangzhou to screen any employees or family members who requested a test.

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If you'll recall, last month ZTE was handed an export ban as the result of not following the terms of a court case years ago. Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Susan Collins are co-sponsors, as are Democrats Richard Blumenthal and Bill Nelson .

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He added there's "more digging to do" before a final judgment is made. "We still have some unanswered questions". Ryan said it has been "frustrating" that the Justice Department hasn't provided the documents sooner.

"We would win that war thousand times out of a thousand", he said.

In a way, these folks have it easy.

Joseph Yun, the top US diplomat on North Korea policy until March, recently outlined how far apart the two sides are. "It's a standard North Korean media tactic". Kim is seeking security guarantees and relief from economic sanctions.

"I truly hope it results in the reduction of aggressive rhetoric between both sides and [marks] the beginnings of a more peaceful dialogue and future between the two countries".

But it's not completely barren territory for students of North Korean media. Cutting off a female journalist's question about how long he thought it would take him to gauge Kim's willingness to give up his nuclear weapons, Trump assured her that his quick gut was all he would need.

Skeptics also warn about the dangers of ridiculously high expectations surrounding the summit.

Trump is probably "talking about a statement of intent, not about signing an actual peace treaty, which would require a number of time-consuming steps and negotiations to complete", Ferial Saeed, a former State Department official, wrote recently. "When you're approaching the altar with a serial philanderer, it's best to keep the divorce lawyer on speed dial".

US defence and intelligence officials have assessed the North to be on the threshold of having the capability to strike anywhere in the continental USA with a nuclear-tipped missile - a capacity that Trump and other US officials have said they would not tolerate.

There could be some, if Trump and Kim can compromise. "They pocket all of it and lose essentially nothing", said Christopher Hill, President George W. Bush's lead nuclear negotiator with the North.

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