IHOP Changes Name To IHOb To Emphasize Burgers

Fast-food chains roast IHOP over burger announcement

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IHOP-err IHOB-is so serious about the rebrand and focusing on craft burgers they've already begun changing the signs at restaurants around the nation.

IHOB officials that we spoke to say the answer to that question is being kept secret.

Some people correctly predicted it would stand for burgers, but many others on Twitter and Facebook thought the B would stand for breakfast or bacon.

IHOb will still serve pancakes.

"The big opportunity for the IHOb brand is to develop our lunch and dinner business". "Burgers are the most consumed entrée item for men, women and children in America", he continued, adding "it made sense to start with burgers".

After IHOP revealed the meaning behind its name change to IHOb on Monday, Wendy's went after the former pancake house on Twitter.

Yes, you heard that right - burgers.

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"We're always going to be known as a breakfast place", IHOP President Darren Rebelez told the Los Angeles Times.

The brand even changed its cover photo to one of pancakes. That's why the Taste of Home Test Kitchen let out a collective gasp when beloved pancake purveyor IHOP announced that it was changing its name.

To learn more about the company's pivot in menu, we got in touch with IHOP's spokesperson, Stephanie Peterson.

The company revealed the new name on its Twitter account Monday after teasing the change last week.

Unfortunately, few people guessed it, and that's exactly because the image of IHOP being a breakfast place held too strong. And, for what it's worth, the company is still publicly traded under IHP.

Burger joints, meanwhile, fired off blistering tweets about IHOP's change.

Outlets like CNNMoney wondered why a company whose parent company's stock had risen 25% in the previous year would bother changing its name-a move often reserved for mergers or companies in trouble.

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