Effort to split California into three states seen as unlikely

Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on ballot | TheHill

Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

It's not the first attempt to split up California.

Draper, a venture capitalist and cryptocurrency enthusiast, obtained enough signatures for the measure to qualify for the state's ballot in November, the California Secretary of State announced late Tuesday.

State officials say eligible ballot measures will become qualified on the 131st day prior to the next statewide general election.

The push was launched by Silicon Valley titan Tim Draper, who has tried to split California before.

The six-state proposal involved large disparities in population and wealth (one of the new states would have been the wealthiest in the country, while another would have been the nation's poorest); the three states under the revised proposal are roughly equal in populations, and while not equal economically (North California would be significantly wealthier than the other two) are not wildly disparate. Even if the measure does pass, it will require congressional approval to break up the existing state of California. Critics said some of the more rural regions would suffer from extraordinary rates of poverty as individual states, while coastal communities flourished in new, smaller states where the lion's share of California tax revenue is generated. And one of those states, based on past election results, could be won by a Republican.

Vikram Amar, a law professor from the University of IL who had studied Draper's plan, told the Times that based on the last election, the Electoral College split by the plan would allow a Republican to win one of the states.

Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on ballot | TheHill
‘Three Californias’ Measure Will Be on November Ballot

Proposal to split California into 3 states makes November ballotSan Francisco and Sacramento would be part of the state of Northern California with a population of 13 million versus almost 40 million for a single state.

Draper originally floated the idea of dividing California into six states.

The idea of adding new Senators was strong enough to derail efforts to add Alaska and Hawaii as states for years.

The two biggest problems with three Californias are practical, not theoretical. California would include Los Angeles and Southern California would include San Diego.

Peggy Grande, a spokeswoman for the "Cal 3" campaign, on Wednesday said she doesn't know "exactly what the dollar figure will look like". "Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes", he wrote. "The reality is that for an overmatched, overstretched and overwrought state-government structure, it is too big to succeed".

A publicized effort by activists to have California secede from the United States, branded the "Calexit" proposal, continues to be bandied about for the ballot in 2020. "Californians deserve a better future".

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