United Kingdom government wins Brexit skirmish by making concessions

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EU Withdrawal Bill debate: Day 1

The most contentious was the bid to give Parliament the power to direct proceedings if the Brexit deal was voted down or no agreement was reached.

A second day of debates on the EU Withdrawal Bill is set to take place on Wednesday 13 May 2018.

The government has avoided a major defeat on its Brexit bill by 324 votes to 298 after a late concession.

The government's victory was the first major win in two days of debates on its European Union withdrawal bill, which will sever ties with the European Union, after the upper house of parliament, the House of Lords, introduced 15 changes.

The European Union Withdrawal Bill, meant to enact Britain's exit from the bloc, has had a rocky ride through Parliament.

There was little doubt the government would win on the customs union and single market, which some pro-EU lawmakers say is the only way for Britain to retain economically advantageous close ties with the bloc, with the opposition Labour Party also divided over future relations.

Brexit Secretary David Davis urged lawmakers to "respect the result of the referendum" that approved the withdrawal.

"It's not practical, it's not desirable and it's not appropriate", Davis said.

Tory MPs are to discuss with ministers what will happen in the event of a no-deal Brexit - amid calls for Theresa May to honour "assurances" to them.

Conservative lawmaker Phillip Lee resigned as a justice minister Tuesday so he could speak out against the policy on Brexit.

At Prime minister's Questions on Wednesday Mrs May said that Parliament can not be allowed to "overturn the will of the British people" on Brexit.

"While it's tempting to hunker down and hope this will resolve itself, the need to secure a good Brexit - one that provides as much economic certainty as possible - is too important to simply bury our heads and hope".

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Bizarrely, this amendment actually returns the Government to its original position that the date of withdrawal from the European Union wouldn't be locked into the Bill.

The lower chamber of the UK parliament is expected to vote on Brexit-related laws approved by the House of Lords earlier so the vote in the House of Commons is widely seen as a test of stability for the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

On Wednesday, parliament will consider a challenge to her commitment to leave the EU's single market and customs union, which will transform Britain's future trading relationships for many years to come.

A paper laying out the U.K. government position, due to be published this month, has been delayed because the Cabinet can not agree on a united stance.

"I have a problem both constitutionally and politically with a direction given by parliament, which is the end part of Dominic Grieve's amendment", he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The Sun had a front page of British icons including Stonehenge, a fish and chip shop, a London bus and a football, saying "Great Britain or Great Betrayal".

A similar warning features on the front of the Daily Express, which runs with the headline: "Ignore the will of the people at your peril".

Remain-supporting Conservative Anna Soubry, one of the MPs who met Mrs May on Tuesday, said she trusted Mrs May to "honour the undertaking she gave".

The fallout from Britain's referendum vote in 2016 to leave the European Union has reshaped politics, deepening divisions within its main parties and raising tensions between its four nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

While promising "further discussions", he said he was concerned that empowering Parliament to "instruct" ministers what to do in the event of no deal would leave the United Kingdom in "very rocky constitutional territory".

"I think the big thing from the 1922 committee meeting is this - there is nothing that says unity more when you have to get two MPs, from different factions, to come out of the 1922 committee to brief the media and paper over the massive cracks between remain and leave Tory MPs".

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