Strawberry Moon 2018: Will June’s full moon affect your sleep?

Blood Moon 2018 prophecy

GETTYBlood Moon 2018 The moon turns red because of light scattering in Earth's atmosphere

The total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27-28 and will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes, with 66-minute partial eclipses before and after.

With the eclipse lasting this long, it will be around 40 minutes longer than the one that took place on January 31 which was known as the 'Super Blue Blood Moon.' At the time, the sighting of the super blue blood moon and a total lunar eclipse was the first time such an occurrence took place in India since 1982.

Given favorable weather conditions, the July 27 blood moon will be visible throughout most of the eastern hemisphere including the totality phase in Africa, the Middle East and much of central Asia.

The conspiracy theorists talking about the doomsday have made these predictions before, especially during the celestial event Blood Moon.

When is the next blood moon?

A blood moon lunar eclipse will provide night-time spectacle to people around the world next month.

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We average at least two lunar eclipses per year and at least four eclipses total.

The Strawberry Moon-a North American nickname for June's full moon-owes its fruit-inspired moniker to the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans, as it appears at the time of year when they would harvest strawberries.

The eclipse will last almost 40 minutes longer than the January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon, which was the longest total lunar eclipse of the year until then, reported. The moon will be partially eclipsed for roughly an hour before and after the main event. In the process, the Earth's shadow over the moon blocks most light radiation. The peak of the eclipse will occur at 8:22 p.m. UTC. The initial phase of the eclipse will be visible in New Zealand before its final stage is seen in parts of South America.

This lunar eclipse is so long because of the day it falls on.

It will coincide with a total eclipse of the Moon.

July's full moon will happen at the same time as the moon's apogee - which is when the moon hits its furthest point from Earth in its monthly orbit, according to EarthSky. That means the moon will appear slightly smaller in the sky and will take a little bit longer to go through Earth's shadow.

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