Fortnite's One-Time Rocket Event Is Happening Tomorrow

Fortnite players meeting at ‘the rocket’ for tomorrow’s first real time mystery event

When is the Fortnite Playground LTM coming back?

But despite the fact that the rocket seems to finally be launching, that doesn't mean we're going to automatically know exactly what the rocket launch means, or what it does. In a game like "Fortnite", where it's literally every player for themselves, this would be a massive advantage for the player or team of players who were able to launch the missile. While more details on the event haven't been revealed, there is a huge rocket in the area, so it looks like a launch and related aftermath could bring new changes to the game.

However, the Tilted Towers remain intact, with things getting a little odd before the portal in the sky popped into view and started to grow.

Eagle-eyed observers believe that a part of the rocket did land back on the map, near Anarchy Acres.

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While Epic hasn't formally announced what will happen this Saturday, something else has been taking place on the island in recent days, and many Fortnite players suspect that the two are related. This marks the first time Epic Games will be using a one-time only live event.

The Final Fight game mode forced teams to travel to a third and final circle, where the storm was halted and a countdown clock began.

Epic developers took to reddit to explain what Fornite's latest LTM needs, and why it's proved such a strain on the server. Fortnite players have scorned the vast distance between the second and third circles, which made Final Fight more of a race than a battle for players unlucky enough to be on the other side of the map.

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