Walmart Faces Boycott Threats Due To Donald Trump Impeachment T-Shirts

Trump supporters boycott Walmart for selling 'Impeach 45' clothing


Calls for a boycott against Walmart are mounting over items promoting the impeachment of President Donald Trump sold on the retailer's website.

A search of the Walmart website Tuesday showed no "Impeach 45" apparel available for sale online. Walmart has apparently responded to the outrage by taking down any clothing or paraphernalia related to the impeachment of Trump or Obama.

The "boycott Walmart" hashtag sparked a campaign against the company and its online sell of items opposing the president, but others have come to Walmart's defense.

But the accusations miss a crucial fact about how Walmart runs its website, or more specifically, its third-party marketplace, where the items appeared.

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Walmart is in hot water as customers start #boycottWalmart on social media on Tuesday to protest the retail chain website's sale of "Impeach 45" products.

It's not the first time Walmart has caused a stir. Another shirt that said "45 You're Fired" has also been removed from the site.

Walmart's third-party marketplace, which has millions of items available from various independent sellers, also has "Make America Great Again" merchandise - showing how diverse the site can be at any given time. We have reached out to Walmart for comment, and will update this story with any reply. Fournier wrote in a tweet directed at Walmart. Last February, some Trump supporters vowed to take their money elsewhere after Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing line; other groups have gone after Breitbart and Laura Ingraham's advertisers while United Airlines, Best Western, MetLife and other companies cut ties with the National Rifle Association. "Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required", on its third-party marketplace.

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