Trump gets deal: 'The Europeans have blinked'

Trump administration announces $12 billion 'bailout' for farmers

Trump greets EU chief, says US seeks 'level playing field' on trade

According to Wall Street Journal, the key elements of the agreements reflect the offers developed by European Union officials two months ago in hopes that Trump would not introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum import from the EU.

He said: "We have identified a number of areas on which to work together, work towards zero tariffs on industrial goods". As part of the deal, the EU has agreed to buy more soybeans and liquid natural gas from the US, while the States will presumably stop threatening additional tariffs on European automobiles.

He has slapped taxes on imported steel and aluminium, saying they pose a threat to USA national security.

She noted that the bloc has recently signed major trade deals with other partners, notably Japan. The US has put tariffs on Canada, Mexico and China, with each of those nations slapping retaliatory tariffs on American goods.

But he said reaching a detailed trade agreement with the European Union would probably prove hard.

More importantly, the "zero tariff" deal is without details.

Talks would seek to "resolve" US tariffs on steel and aluminum and Europe's retaliatory duties, a step back from Trump's import protections for USA metal producers.

He increased the interest by arresting tariffs on steel and aluminum, encouraging reprisal procedures by the European Union.

That would finally be called Free Market and Fair Trade!

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EU has a huge stake in the US industry, where European companies produce nearly 3 million cars a year, accounting for over a quarter of production in the United States.

Whatever progress was achieved on Wednesday could provide some relief for USA carmakers.

Trump, who had threatened tariffs on European auto imports, indicated he would hold off on further tariffs while talks are underway, and that the USA would talk about how to handle existing tariffs on aluminum and steel. General Motors had slashed its outlook, and shares of Ford and auto parts companies had fallen.

Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., said he's not a "fan" of tariffs but advocated for improved trade deals. We paid $1.5 billion in duties on Chinese footwear previous year alone.

House Republicans confronted two of President Trump's top economic advisers on trade on Thursday, while also breathing a sigh of relief after the administration's decision to begin easing tensions with Europe a day earlier.

"I think he's trying to fix the system", Kudlow said, "and if he does, you're going to have even greater prosperity".

Trump had pressed European leaders hard on trade in recent weeks, including during his meetings with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies in Brussels.

Trump's tariffs have been criticized by business leaders and members of Congress who say they could hurt companies that use steel and aluminum in their manufacturing and raise prices for consumers.

But winners from the trade war have been few and far between, especially in the Midwest.

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