Shark Stolen From Aquarium Returned Safely

Thieves with stroller allegedly steal shark from San Antonio aquarium

Trio of thieves put shark in baby stroller, roll it out of the San Antonio Aquarium

The man, who police have not named, was one of three people people captured on surveillance video stealing the shark using a stroller by disguising the shark as a baby.

According to KSAT, they were able to track down the truck involved and now have one person of interest in custody. Police say they found the shark at the home of the main suspect in the heist. Police chief Joseph Salvaggio said his officers had initially dismissed the call out as a hoax.

The other man and woman will be "charged at large", Salvaggio said.

Police have recovered the shark and returned it to the aquarium. The man then disappears out of camera range with his male companion following him as the woman walks around with the baby.

The group went out the front door and rushed to a truck, but they were confronted there by aquarium staff alerted by an employee who noticed the suspicious behavior.

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Fox News reported the suspects were initially confronted in the auto park and had denied a request to search their maroon truck - but had then been tracked to a residence where several marine animals were kept in "almost a mock-up" of the aquarium. Management caught up to the suspects in the parking lot and were denied access to both searching the vehicle and the stroller. However, the man refused to comply with the request, claiming his son was feeling ill and he must drive away immediately. "Luckily for the shark and for the aquarium, we were able to get that animal back in one piece". "He knew very much what he was doing and kept that animal alive".

The nearly cartoon-like heist, which the local police initially thought was a hoax, played out on Saturday afternoon in San Antonio Aquarium, as it was packed with unsuspecting visitors.

"He had had one of these in the past", Salvaggio said.

He added: "From looking at the other animals there, more than likely [the shark] was something that he wanted". The trio is seen on the video hanging around the tank where visitors can feed the fish and reach in the water and pet various sea life.

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