Trump threatens government shutdown over immigration policy

Trump threatens to ‘shut down’ government if Dems don’t support border measures

Central American migrants sit atop a US-Mexico border fence at Border Field State Park California

Desai added that while attorneys could still bring lawsuits around abuse of children in detention without Flores, "litigating every new issue that arises under the Constitution would be far more onerous" and those cases more hard to win.

One official told the Senate Judiciary Committee that while the Trump administration was developing its immigration policies, Health and Human Services officials said they were anxious "about any policy which would result in family separation due to concerns we had about the best interests of the child".

Trump has also demanded that the USA shift to an immigration system based more on merit and less on family ties.

Washington D.C. [USA], July 30 (ANI): United States (US) President Donald Trump on Sunday said he was willing to shut down the government if the promises made by the Congress to fund his border wall was not fulfilled by September.

The defensive comments from Trump officials dumbfounded Democratic members of the committee, such as Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who charged that the Trump administration had created a situation at the border that was like a Kafka novel, suggesting that children's entertainment venue Chuck E. Cheese had a better system for preventing children from being separated from their parents than the U.S. government. No. 2 Senate Democrat Richard Durbin of IL said he wanted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign, saying the policy shows "the extremes this administration will go to to punish families fleeing" disgusting conditions, adding, "Someone in this administration has to accept responsibility".

"Please understand, there are consequences when people cross our Border illegally, whether they have children or not - and many are just using children for their own sinister purposes".

Immigrant advocates and lawyers have said that the policy has been chaotic, and that it was evident there was no plan in place for how to reunify families before the separations began on a large scale.

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Democrats not only want better documentation of the separation and reunification processes, there is also a push to conduct special investigations on the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services.

"No one, no matter what their immigration status, should have to suffer such abuse", Grassley said at Tuesday's hearing. Albence described the Family Residential Centers where children separated from their parents are held by ICE as "summer camps".

The administration has reunited more than 1,800 children and is now working on the more complex cases of parents with criminal records or the more than 450 who were deported without their sons and daughters. "Vote "R", referring to Republicans, Xinhua news agency reported. He said congressional critics "offer no plausible or workable solution at all". In principle, they shouldn't be held more than 20 days, but that limit isn't always respected.

A handful of families watched the hearing with young children, some of whom talked and cried as the proceedings continued. Which public official, which member of this administration, is responsible for zero tolerance and family separations?' he asked. Those reports describe claims of abuse over the last few years.

"If families and children are going to be kept in federal custody they must be kept in facilities where they will be treated humanely, and with the basic dignity that all people-no matter what their immigration status-deserve", Grassley said.

A civil rights lawsuit has been filed alleging mistreatment at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center in Roanoke, Virginia, from 2015 to 2018.

The facility also has a history of troubling practices, including allegations of child abuse, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.

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