'Globalist' Koch Brothers Have 'Bad Ideas'

Koch Brothers Group Says They Won't Be Backing Kevin Cramer in His Senate Race Against Heidi Heitkamp

Koch Network Won't Back GOP Challenger to Democratic Senator

CNN contributor Marc Short, who worked for the Koch brothers as well as the Trump administration, said, "I think what is important for the media and American public to know is Charles and David never wanted to be Republicans".

Mr. Trump accused the billionaire Koch brothers - Charles and David Koch - of wanting to protect their companies outside the USA from being taxed at the cost of US workers, saying they're "two nice guys with bad ideas".

Trump ridiculed them for supporting some parts of his agenda - especially his tax cuts - but not for his efforts to protect the American worker.

Trump alleged that his policies have "made them richer" but that they "want to protect their companies outside the USA from being taxed" while he supports the American worker. He said his policies "made them richer".

But this latest feud - following last weekend's gathering at which Koch-affiliated officials sought to distance their operation from Trump - has exposed the rift between a president pushing his party toward populism, and establishment Republicans espousing the long-standing policy of free trade.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who attended the Koch summit, said, "It's their money and their choices", adding, "They've got to make their decisions". "They want to protect their companies outside the USA from being taxed, I'm for America First and the American Worker - a puppet for no one".

Art Pope, a North Carolina retail magnate and long-time Koch ally, did not support Trump's bid for the White House.

This is not the first time Trump has clashed with Republican Party moneymen.

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Seidel said that the Koch network looked at a situation where an elected Republican, "stood up in a Republican caucus meeting where they were debating a major piece of legislation and said flat out, 'Don't worry about the Kochs, they're going to support Republicans regardless'". But it remains unclear how hard the group will work to defeat vulnerable Democrats in West Virginia, Missouri and Montana.

The president expressed his full endorsement for Mr. Cramer on Twitter Friday.

Though the Koch brothers' alleged reasons for not supporting Cramer are valid, Heitkamp's seat is likely one the GOP can pick off, which means the libertarian billionaires could torpedo the party's chance to solidify its majority in the Senate.

Charles and David Koch have poured millions of dollars into ads and advocacy over the years, typically for conservative candidates and causes.

"Heitkamp, we're going to knock her out of the water".

That could mean Republican candidates who seek to closely align themselves with Trump on trade are forgoing backing from groups like the Koch network.

Asked if Democrats were to retake control of the House, he said, "I don't care what initials are in front, or after, somebody's name...."

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