Yellowstone Park superintendent: Man taunting bison was 'reckles

Video shows man taunting bison at Yellowstone National Park

Video: Man taunts bison in Yellowstone National Park

The bison then charges the man, missing him twice.

"The individual's behavior in this video is reckless, unsafe and illegal", a spokesman for the public affairs office of Yellowstone National Park told ABC News.

This footage was captured by Lindsey Jones, who was driving through the American nature spot with her family.

Superintendent Dan Wenk is quoted as saying: "The individual's behavior in this video is reckless, dangerous, and illegal".

After quickly dodging another rampage, the man and bison go their separate ways. When the animal gets close, he scampers away.

Officials said Reinke had been visiting several national parks over the weekend.

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Park regulations require people to remain at least 25 yards from animals like bison and elk and 100 yards from bears and wolves. Please use roadside pullouts when viewing wildlife.

Millions of visitors annually flock to the park that spans parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to view wildlife, including its famed bison, also known as buffalo.

Hancock, who was among a crowd of people that approached within 10 yards of the bison, was treated for a hip injury.

The footage, which is nearly one minute long, was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday by KRTV News and has already amassed close to 350,000 views. "Yet we ask them to keep their distance to safeguard themselves and safeguard the remarkable landscape with hundreds of thousands of free-roaming animals", she told Reuters. When it crossed the boardwalk, the bison became agitated and charged the crowd, goring Hancock.

Bison can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds and stand 6 feet tall at the shoulder, according to the Department of the Interior.

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