Manafort judge reveals he is under police protection

Television cameras are set up outside of federal court as jury deliberations are set to begin in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in Alexandria Va. Thursday Aug. 16 2018

Jury in trial of ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort submits four questions to judge

The judge presiding over former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's trial revealed on Friday that he has been receiving threats over the case and is now receiving protection from U.S. Marshals.

That's almost three times the evidence prosecutors presented in Manafort's first trial, which entered its second day of jury deliberations Friday. The charges have nothing to do with Manafort's conduct as Trump's campaign manager between March and August 2016.

"We saw the president say there that Paul Manafort worked for him for a very short period of time", Bennett explained to MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi.

"I think it was very ill-advised for the president to do this". Why do you suppose seven news organizations-all liberal, presumably-wanted to know who the jurors are and where they live? In a pretrial hearing, he speculated that prosecutors only made a decision to bring charges against Manafort to pressure him to "sing" against Mr. Trump.

This courtroom sketch depicts Rick Gates, right, testifying during questioning by prosecutor Greg Andres, standing at left, as Manafort's trial continues at federal court in Alexandria, Va., Aug. 7, 2018.

Jurors are dismissed in the Paul Manafort bank fraud case, as the trial will extend into next week. If convicted on all counts, he could face up to 10 years in prison. If the jury fails to render the Democrats' preferred verdict, what do you suppose Maxine Waters will suggest Democrats should do to the jurors if they venture out in public?

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"I've received criticism and threats", he said, without elaborating.

Prosecutors say Manafort hid tens of millions of dollars in foreign income from the IRS, money he made advising politicians in Ukraine. Ellis read the questions aloud to lawyers for both sides as well as Manafort before he called the jury in to give his answers.

But Mueller's team has proven to be quite taciturn, The New York Times reports, going so far as to withhold comment about their lunch orders.

The jury, deliberating in a room at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, sent a note on Thursday afternoon asking Ellis four questions including one about defining "reasonable doubt".

But defense attorney Richard Westling told the jury Manafort should be acquitted because the government had not met its burden to prove that he was "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt".

After empaneling the jury Friday morning, Ellis said he was inclined to allow the media group to intervene and scheduled a hearing for 2 p.m. Friday.

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