Two men sneak in self-made poster at McDonald’s for Asian representation

Maravilla and friends then managed to sneak the enormous poster featuring an image of himself and Toledo doctored to match actual McDonald's art into the restaurant

Students’ Fake McDonald’s Poster Goes Unnoticed for 51 Days

To seal the deal, Maravilla posed as a Regional Interior Coordinator - where a fake badge and a Mickey D's uniform shirt purchased at Goodwill - and secretly hung the poster on the restaurant's wall.

In June, Maravilla and Toledo went to work on their poster.

Surprisingly, the outlet seemed to have no clue about the fake installation almost two months later.

Jehv Maravilla, 21, and his friend Christian Toledo 25, noticed a lack of representation in the marketing materials at a McDonalds in Pearland, near Houston.

Amazingly, they arrived in the restaurant, put the poster up and left without any real McDonald's staff member coming to question them.

Jevh and Christian chose to be themselves - as students - for the picture. Then they made their move.

They had spotted a blank wall flawless for their poster, but the hard bit was going to be getting it up there undetected.

Start the day off right with a viral prank at the expense of no one but a major American corporation. "I hope this can open the eyes to not just McDonald's, but other major companies can embrace different ethnicities", Maravilla told CNN.

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"It fit me perfectly", he said. Then we took a pic with our pic in the frame and put that in another frame!

And apparently, McDonald's isn't the only one lovin it...because the poster is still up 50 days later!

"I wanted people to think it was impressive that it's been there for so long", Jevh told Inc.

"If you haven't noticed, there isn't a lot of Asians represented in media", he says in the clip.

After the incident McDonald's applauded the duo for their creativity.

The tweet promoting their no-takedown streak has garnered more than 950,000 likes and 240,000 retweets as of posting.

Jevh Maravilla detailed the unusual caper in a YouTube video entitled "We Became McDonald's Poster Models", which explained how he and friend Christian Toledo were able to pull it off.

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