Police checking reports of active shooter in downtown Cincinnati

Cincinnati Shooting at Downtown Bank: Four Fatalities, Five Injured

Four killed — including suspect — after gunman opens fire inside downtown Cincinnati bank

The shooter who killed three people in a Cincinnati office high-rise once acted disoriented after being fired four years ago in SC, and he filed a recent lawsuit that a judge in June said "borders on delusional".

The shooter began firing inside a loading dock at the Fifth Third Bank headquarters near Fountain Square, police said.

At least four people are dead - including the gunman - following what police called an active shooter situation in downtown Cincinnati.

Police said on Twitter they were "investigating active shooter/officer involved shooting incident at Fifth Third Bank". The police chief said that the gunman acted alone. Officers arrived in seconds to drop him in a hail of gunfire.

Two other people were wounded. UC Health spokeswoman Kelly Martin said one victim remained there in critical condition and another was listed as serious. A spokesman for the Gilbane Building Company said Newcomer was a superintendent for the last three years and was part of a project on the building's third floor. Another moved to Cincinnati a year ago to take a better job with Fifth Third Bancorp.

They were identified as Prudhvi Raj Kandepi, 25, Richard Newcomer, 64, and Luis Felipe Calderón, 48, according to the Hamilton County Coroner's office.

"This is a horrific incident and we really are grateful to the quick and decisive actions of the officers and fire personnel who responded", said Isaac.

Luis Felipe Calderon one of the victims in the Fifth Third shooting on Sept. 6 2018 in Cincinnati
Luis Felipe Calderon one of the victims in the Fifth Third shooting on Sept. 6 2018 in Cincinnati

The footage released Friday also shows the shooter walking quickly past a security turnstile Thursday morning just as he's shot and killed by a police officer outside the building.

"There's something deeply sick at work here, and we as a country need to work on it", Cranley said.

Much is still unclear about the gunman. "And I'm thinking about how I can make a difference in the future", Whitney Austin said in a statement obtained by Louisville CBS affiliate WLKY. They did not immediately explain the search and Eliot said authorities are "in the very early stage of investigation".

"I heard about eight gunshots, and I actually got on my knees". Police believe the firearm was legally purchased, he said.

One witness, Leonard Cain, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he was going inside the bank when someone yelled that he shouldn't because of the shooting.

Five victims injured, three dead. He saw a woman about to enter the bank and people shouted at her, he said, but she had headphones on.

Bank manager Greg Harshfield told CNN affiliate WXIX that he could hear the shooting unfold from an upper floor of the building.

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