Olivia Newton-John reveals she’s battling cancer again

Credit PA

Credit PA

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John has opened up about a third diagnosis for cancer, saying she believed she would win the battle.

While Olivia beat her second bout of cancer, she is now battling the disease again, with a tumour past year found at the base of her spine.

The singer, who will be turning 70 in a few weeks, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.

Newton-John was diagnosed for a second time in 2013, a new breast cancer which had spread to her shoulder, forcing her to postpone a tour of the U.S. and Canada.

"I love to sing, it's all I know how to do", she told CNN. But in recent years, it's her fight against cancer that's been in the headlines.

"No, I don't go there". If I allowed myself to go there, I could easily create that big fear.

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The star has previously spoken about the shock of the diagnosis, which came on the same weekend that her father died from cancer. Last May, she noticed she had back pain and discovered that her breast cancer had returned to the base of her spine, which was causing the pain.

During an interview on U.S. television in 2017, Newton-John said she was grateful to still be able to sing and perform after so many years and thanked her fans.

She had a mastectomy and underwent nine months of debilitating chemo to kill the cancer cells.

She also revealed that she is using cannabis oil, made from marijuana that her husband legally grows in California, to fight the pain. I see it as part of my mission. "Always when I sing it, I get a good, happy feeling and I get that positivity and keep on believing".

'[My husband] makes me tinctures and they really help with the pain, they help with sleep, so I am very lucky I live in a state where [cannabis] is legal and also that I have a husband that's a plant medicine man.

'There are other people out there doing much, much worse than me. I have all the animals that I adore. I have nothing to complain about, ' the Grease star said.

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